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MCA Planned

If you request something in the contact us page and it sounds cool it might end up here as an "Idea" Then that means that that idea will be basicly added to mca's to do list. So submit your request in the contact us page and we might actualy take your request and put it on this list. All ideas will have a title, and will be a downloadable document, so you can know more about it. Look at the "Can I Be In A Video?" Question in the General Questions topic of the FAQ page to learn about how to become a part of these ideas. So if you want to be involved with an "Idea", look at that question first. Thankyou! :)

Also we will upload our list of planned things once in a while so if you are interested in what we will do later/in the future or whatever, download the latest issue of "MCA Planned"

-Gatchi /)^3^(\

MCA Planned