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recently i signed up on youtube for a partnership to upload longer videos but i would like to ask if anyone would like to make a thumbnail for a normal minecraft survival series?



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I'll make a thumbnail for you! :) Just message me somewhere, here, steam (if I'm online), skype, email, whatever. I'm busy this weekend but sometime next week should be fine. Also I know I've said this a lot before, but I think Final Files will ACTUALLY be starting soon. Ronsan's downloads weren't working or something idk. But do you think that it would be good for everybody to do final files every other monday? And then people can go on times other than that whenever they want. But everybody goes on every other monday. And remember to record as much as you can, keep the good footage and upload it to mca123411. Everybody (who is recording) will have their videos named like "Final Files (Blaz): Episode #" or "Final Files (Gatchi): Episode #" etc. SO Ronsan and I will tell you when the first day will be when that is going to happen.


-Gatchi /)^3^(\

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