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Player Profiles

 Here is where you will learn a bit more about the first five members of MCA (The Founders and Co Founders) They Are:


Tino (yedna)

Tino is probably one of the most mature MCA members. He enjoys playing minecraft, but is not limited to. He is not addicted to it as much as the rest of us. Tino is a pretty good survivalist. He doesn't always build or do something he doesn't need to; he focuses and gets done what needs to be done first. Tino is an expert skinner (skin maker) and a goo texture pack creator. Outside of minecraft Tino is a graphics nazi CoD fish. Although Skyrim is another interest. He is also an actor and a great drawer.


Felix (tin336)

Felix is ummm...Felix. A bit crazy, but not a complete loose cannon. Good at PVP, parkour, and able to sense if someone might be a threat or trolling and such. Gatchi's apprentice in Gfact (their faction on FatalPVP) Felix is an all-around great Minecraft player. Felix also sings and plays the flute.

Fun Fact: Felix once littered on a national monument in Washington DC IRL.


Darren (ronsan911)

Darren is a real nerd about Minecraft; knowing all the updates and having a premium account since early Alpha. Darren is a good architect and a very lucky miner finding huge clusters of diamonds frequently.

Also: Darren has over 100 steam games and over 900 hours spent on Garry's Mod. A good Audio Surf player he is and wastes his life playing Warcraft III. Darren is also a huge brony.



Dani (Stephaniedz)

Dani is good at minecraft and enjoys setting mobs on fire. She likes exploring and building stuff, and is good at finding a big quantity of diamonds. Dani is also good at jumping off of high points and cliffs and just barely missing the water she had meant to land in. Although gets blown up a lot and mobbed to death, she could be the Kenny (from South Park) of our group.

Fun Fact: Dani is the first female member of MCA. 



 Trevor (Gatchi)

Ronsan and Gatchi are the founders of MCA. Gatchi enjoys making redstone contraptions, skins, texture packs, playing adventure maps and survival worlds, playing on faction servers (mostly FatalPVP),and murdering mobs. Gatchi is good as Tank class (Full Diamond Armor, 1 Iron Sword, and 5 Potion of Healing) Gatchi is the site owner also. Gatchi is also a brony.