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Hey just an update from Ronsan, i've been feeling sick lately and really it sucks.

But Today I did something that I wasn't expose to. I played minecraft while recording. I do not have a schedule but my mom doesn't let me play games when i'm sick...: |

But I wasn't just playing minecraft I was playing Technic, it was fun I have no voice but over an hour of footage i've got to edit, yippee.

On another note awhile ago I did some MineZ stuff. It was fun like seriously lots of fun in MineZ. So expect these video's to be uploaded sometime.



                                     (='.'= )


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Cool, so are you going to start your homeschooling thing soon? Also I edited the Halloween special and I'm going to upload it sometime soon xD It'll be VERY late ahahahahahaaaa!!! Mca WiN!! xD


-Gatchi /)^3^(\

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